Accounting Software for Small Business – part 2

accounting software for small businessIn our last post we looked at some of the accounting software options for small business. In this post we are going to look at several packages in more detail:


Xero is purely a ‘cloud’ based accounting program that means you must be connected to the internet to use it. Xero says that a benefit is that you can do your accounting from anywhere although a cynic might suggest that the best benefits of cloud based software Xero is for the supplier who has a fixed continuity income in the form of an ongoing subscription.

Xero is marketed very well and is flavour of the month. They also offer accountants unique benefits such as extra reports that are not available to the business owner and thus giving accountants the opportunity to provide additional ‘value’ (at an extra cost) to their clients. Consequently, it is a popular recommendation from accountants as well.

Intuit Quickbooks

Intuit Quickbooks is a popular program for small businesses accounts. It has lots of configeration options to match the scale of the business.

Quickbooks has four editions being basic, pro, online and premier. The professional version was launched in 2013 with a number of new features.

Sage 50 Accounting

‘Sage 50 Accounting’ was renamed from ‘Simply Accounting’ and has long been a popular program in Canada. It is available in both English and French, calculates HST or GST with QST or PST and does efiling of tax returns and other governement forms.

The professional version is multi-currency and has additional features over the basic version that make it more popular.

Sage Business Vision Accounting

Sage Business Vision Accounting software has five alternative versions and its modular design means it can be customized for the needs of the business.

Retail, wholesale and manufacturing businesses can make use of this software.

It is more expensive than other alternatives but has additional features not otherwise available.

Simplazz 1-2-3

Simplazz 1-2-3 aims at being the simplest bookkeeping solution on the planet for small business owners.

It is fairly rudimentary as it keeps track of disbursements and receipts and ensures that the records are matched to the bank accounts.

It is popular with many small business owners who don’t need more complicated systems.

If the small business needs computerized invoicing and basic inventory management, the Simplazz 1-2-3 Gold software provides for this.

It’s big advantage is that the user does not need to be trained as an accountant to be successful in keeping good records.

Account Edge Accounting

Account Edge Accounting software is quite flexible and helps to give business owners control over inventory through the inventory command center.

The software has over two hundred financial reports that can be customized for the business owner.

Connected Core Accounting

Connected Core Accounting Software has gained popularity as it functions across both PC and Mac. Files can be hosted on either platform.

The software is aimed at small businesses that only need a rudimentary bookkeeping program and not businesses that require more management features.

So these are some of the small business accounting software options available today. For more information on the benefits of small business bookkeeping software, click here.

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